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2021 Baseball Commissioners

Andrew Jennings

Shawn Sharp

2021 Covid Coordinator

If you have any Covid related questions, please contact: Nicole Dahzel (

Important Dates

April 17th: Field Clean Up (9:00-??)

April 19th: Practices Begin

May 8th: Opening Day (9:30 @ Fields)

May 12th: Picture Night (Time TBD)

12U Majors

Major's Practice Schedule (4/19-5/7)

Monday- Schuyler Hose Fire Co.

Tuesday- Byron's Market

Wednesday- Fish Creek Rod and Gun

Saturday: 9:00- Schuylerville Hose Fire Co.

                       10:30- Byron's Market

                       12:30- Fish Creek Rod and Gun

10U Minors

Minor's Practice Schedule (4/19-5/7)

Monday: Knights of Columbus

Tuesday: Larmon House Movers

Wednesday: Jay's Pizza

Thursday: Amigo's Cantina

Saturday: 8:00- Amigo's Cantina

                       9:15- Knights of Columbus

                      10:30- Larmon House Movers

                       11:45- Jay's Pizza

8U Rookie

Rookie Practice Schedule (4/19-5/7)

Monday: 5:30-6:45- Curtis Lumber

                     6:45-8:00- Whitbeck Construction

Tuesday: 5:30-6:45- Grasshopper Gardens

                     6:45-8:00- DaCosta Construction

Wednesday: 5:50-6:45 - Mountain Top Gutters

                            6:45-8:00- Curtis Lumber

Thursday: 5:30-6:45 - DaCosta Construction

                       6:45-8:00- Grasshoppper Gardens

Friday: 5:30-6:45 - Whitbeck Construction

                 6:45-8:00 - Mountain Top Gutters

Saturday: 8:30- Grasshopper Gardens

                       9:45 - Curtis Lumber

                       11:00- DaCosta Construction

                       12:15- Mountain Top Gutters

                        1:30- Whitbeck Construction

6U Instructional

Instructional Practice Schedule (4/19-5/7)

Monday- 6PM- Olde Saratoga Home and Garden

Tuesday- 5:30-6:30- Victory Mills Fire Dept

                      6:45-8:00- All Lifts

Wednesday- 6PM- Stewart's Shops

Thursday- 6PM- Sports Photo Journal

Saturday- 9:00: Stewart's Shops

                       10:00: Olde Saratoga Home and Garden

                       11:00: All Lifts

                       12:00: Victory Mills Fire Dept

                       1:00: Sports Photo Journal


2021 Baseball Coordinators

Corey Helwig: Instructional Coordinator

Aaron Doyle: Rookie Coordinator

Alex Zuis: Minor's Coordinator

Chad Sydor: Major's Coordinator

Tom Tyler: Field Maintenance Coordinator

Edson Cook: Field Maintenance Coordinator

Mark Mahay: Awards Coordinator

Tonia Lehoisky: Uniform Coordinator

Kristen Palmer: Picture Coordinator

Allison Brownell: Umpire Coordinator

Katie Brunson: Sponsorship Coordinator

Greg Hays: Sponsorship Coordinator