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OSAA Basketball Update

OSAA Basketball families, as we close out 2020, we wanted to give you a program update. As most are aware by now, our 2020-21 winter basketball season has effectively been postponed as we continue to navigate through the pandemic. With that said, we are excited to announce the formation of basketball board as we continue to grow the program towards the future. We anticipate the return of our ADKYBL Travel League Commissioner and our K-1 Instructional Division Coordinator. However, we are in need of several other positions to complete our board, those include:


New Basketball Commissioner and/or Co-Commissioners


Instructional Division Assistant Coordinator

-Assist leading instructional coaching

-Coordinate and obtain equipment needs with EU coordinator

-Assist organization of practice instruction and schedule/times

-Assist organization of volunteer coaching group


Rec 2-3 In House Division Coordinator

-Coordinate gym practice/game schedule with GSE coordinator

-Coordinate and obtain equipment needs with EU coordinator

-Organize team coaches/rosters

-Create and update game rules for the season


Rec 4-6 In House Division Coordinator

-Coordinate gym practice/game schedule with GSE coordinator

-Coordinate and obtain equipment needs with EU coordinator

-Organize team coaches/rosters

-Create and update game rules for the season


Equipment/Uniform Coordinator

-Inventory and Order Equipment for each division

-Order player uniforms and coaches shirts

-Organize hand out of uniforms

-Organize hand out and return of all equipment


Gym and Special Events Coordinator

-Fill out school facility use forms 

-Organize with division coaches practice and game schedules/times

-Create master schedule for practices and games, communicate to commissioners and coordinators 

-Organize picture day 

-Organize end of season events


We have some ideas to get everyone back on the court in 2021 but we need your help. As always, the success of our programs is dependent on our volunteers. If you are interested in filling any of these positions or know somebody who might that may not have received this message, please reach out to or


We hope everyone has a safe and healthy new year!

OSAA Nominations

Hi everyone,

At our November monthly board meeting, three people were voted in for positions within our organization.

Alex Zuis - Vice President
Katrina Benamati - Treasurer
Kristen Palmer - Secretary

We also nominated Cathleen Traver as communications director. 

We are still currently looking for a Soccer Commissioner, Basketball Commissioner, and Wrestling Commissioner.  If you are interested, please email:


2020 Baseball and Softball Update

Dear OSAA Athletes and Families, 

First and foremost, we hope that everyone is doing well and in good health during this unique and unprecedented time.  Navigating through this pandemic has been challenging for all of us! 

Unfortunately, at this time, we regret to inform you that we, as commissioners, have decided to cancel our 2020 season.  Please be advised that we didn’t enter into this decision lightly.  We said that we would exhaust all possibilities before making such a decision and we feel that we have.  Our last hope was that the social distancing guidelines and/or “Pause” would be lifted by May 18th so that we could begin to finalize the plans for a summer league.  With the state of emergency order now running at least until June 6th and the fact that recreation is included in phase 4 of the reopening plan, we were forced to make the difficult decision of canceling our program this year.  We have also been in contact with other area little leagues and many of them have already canceled or are canceling in the near future.  With other OSAA programs starting in August, we simply are unable to push our season back any further than we already have.

We understand that some of our athletes will have a difficult time grasping and processing this news.  Please try and stress the fact that everyone’s health and safety was our number one priority when making our decision.

We will be sending out refunds in the near future.  If you paid by credit card, your card will be refunded directly.  If you paid by check, a check will be mailed to you.  At this time, we find it best to simply refund everyone vs holding onto it for next year.  

Again, we want to stress that this was a difficult decision to make.  Although the majority of it was out of our control, we feel for all of our athletes and the emotions that they will have to process when they discover this sad news.  Before too long, our 2021 season will be here and the joy of baseball and softball will be seen across the smiling faces of our children once again. Until then, we wish everyone the best and want to thank you for your continued support during such a very difficult and unprecedented time. 

 We hope to see many of our baseball and softball athletes on the football and/or soccer fields this fall!  

If you have any questions, please feel free to make baseball inquiries to and softball inquiries to


Andrew Jennings and Shawn Sharp 

(Baseball Commissioners)

Nicole Dahzel and Karen Major

(Softball Commissioners)

Michael Prendergast

(OSAA President)



The success of our youth sports programs is dependent on volunteers.

We have some new board member but are always grateful to have more assistance. If you are interested yourself, or know someone who is, please reach out to a current board member or attend our next OSAA board meeting.


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